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WELCOME you in the first Wine-restaurant of our city and also our country, although 19 years ago we did not know this concept.
We are thankful that we could participate in the development of wine culture and gastronomy. We preach proudly our pioneered work,
that from the beginning we had the courage to offer dozens of better and better wines, even in small quantities.
Due to the location of the restaurant, international cuisine will suit for the clientele,
but always we kept in mind the traditional dishes.
Our Commitment on quality is mainly measured with satisfaction of our guests.
We are confident that the Tourism Quality Award, founded 10 years ago to win it three times,
it confirms that appropriate our professional attitude.
The present cozy and modern interior got the restaurant during the restructuring in 2013,
who can also be tasted excellent wines in the comfortable armchairs.
The audiences of the regular wine shows, wine dinners and gourmet evenings have long to enjoy the harmony of excellent food
and paired wines. On several occasions the guests can meet with the wine makers, also the renowned chefs creations.
Our restaurant is proven countless times "external" sites, so we have the most references in the catering. These are unique experiences,
so feel free to request a quote or just advice from us.
In addition to the traditional eating habits, with open arms welcome the alternative meals eaters as well.
Our menu can be found allergens, nutrients and we can feel free to have guests
others dishes (exp.: paleo, glutenfree, lactosefree, etc.).
As the owner, I am obliged to have been part of this development, and I'm glad to be proud of
the restaurant team, among people who also share in our success over 20 years.
Visit the only good PLACE IN THE CITY!
THE OTHERS are or better or worse!