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In the Gaben Vinothek many items you can choose take-away.
If you are looking for a gift, we are happy to help with bids and ideas.
Choose glass, corkscrew, decanter, but may require different
gift tags for selected wine.
Of course, ONLY labels are too happy to prepare.
We offer you to find a better more foreign wines as well.
In addition to the French items we offer also
Italian, Austrian, Chilean and Spanish wines.
ALONE BY US are alcohol-free wines!

Wine delivering

Up to 15 000 HUF will be free of charge!

Order wine as a gift or for yourself and
we are pleased to deliver to the requested address.
The shipping cost is calculated affordable price!
We store the wines correctly!
If you can not find the wanted wine,
we gladly order for you!

Wine taste

Do not buy without testing!

Many wines are served in the Restaurant GABEN.
In many wine-bar is no such supply!
We offer you to taste very small quantities,
compare notes and data sheets which we provide.
This test can be an excellent opportunity for friends, companies, teams,
to jointly deliver their opinion on the items to be tasted.
Exp .: 4 types of wine, taste, details of which are given next to the glasses.
The four wines less than 1.5 oz and is associated with tiny sips bite.
Price of each of these "packages" start from 900HUF.