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From traditional dishes

Hungarian goulash soup - of beef

Fried cheese with rice and blueberries

Paprika chicken (breast) with homemade noodles

Chicken breast breaded
with roasted red beets

Gipsy style pork chop
with roast potatoes

Rib-steak with fried onion
and roast potatoes

Delicacy of Somló
(the famous hungarian dessert
by to the original recipe)

From guests favorite

Herbed butter fried pike-perch fillet (1st class) with shrimp-risotto

Fillets of pike perch with dill-mushrooms sauce and tagliatelle

Chicken breast with in honig steamed apple, orange, toasted corn
and croquettes

Goose liver baked on onion with trüffle spiced mashed potatoes

Filet steak (Arg.) with brandy-mustard sauce, roasted mushrooms and potatoes Borclub

From Gaben classics

Tagliatelle with butter-shrimps ragout

Parma-wrapped chicken breast stuffed with pesto and mozzarella
with balm-vinegary green-salad

Grilled goose liver with in Tokaji Aszú wine steamed apple and
mashed potatoes

Rose duck breast fillet with honey wine
braised peaches and pears with cinnamon

FAJITAS: on request: breast of chicken or turkey or pork chop grilled with fresh paprika, served with
mashed potatoes and chips.

Medaillons of pork rolled in bacon
with mushroomsauce and
potatoes with zucchini

Escalope of veal Óvár style with salad

Beefsteak with goose liver and with trüffle spiced mashed potatoes

Cheese dumplinges with plum jam and firewater-perfume

Gourmet tips

Melon soup(cold) with Tokaji Aszú-wine

Parma ham with melon and balsamic creme

Salmon steak with butter , dill and lime

Roast beef with tarragon tomatosauce
and homemade fried grated potatoes

Inspirations for an occasion

Menu idea 1.
Bouillon with meat and vegetables

Chicken breast Borclub style (stuffed with bacon, ham, mushroom, cheese), in potatoes jacket

Medaillons of pork rolled in bacon with sauce of Merlot and fondant potatoes

Lemon Cheesecake

Menu idea 2.
Creamy pumpkin soup with roasted pumpkin seeds and -oil

Fried Chicken breast in parmesan cheese jacket with buttered,
roasted vegetables

Goose leg with red wine braised cabbage and
homemade fried grated potatoes

Hot noodles cake

From alternativ dishes

Alternative foods or implementation
of such claims belong to
one of our mission.
Detailed information
on the Alternate bids EATING
on menu below.